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Dear Fellow Lease People,

This will be a pitch. But you’ll gain valuable sales knowledge from reading it, buy or not.

A gift from the gods. That’s what Section 179 of the Tax Codes was to us old-timers in 1986. Part of the Reagan Tax Relief Act, it allowed a business obtaining new equipment to write off the entire amount — up to a certain limit.

That first year it was $10,000. That business could buy or ($1 purchase option) lease equipment, and write off the whole $10,000 (or that part of a larger deal) in the first year! They no longer had to slowly depreciate it over five years.

Wow! We small-ticket guys saw our sales production sky-rocket. What could be better than this?  How about $500,000? Yup, as you know, that’s where it is for 2016. AND, a Bonus Depreciation of 50% of what’s above $500,000, AND THEN they can take another 20% of the balance as regular depreciation.

How can you not sell your product? Your prospect is CASH POSITIVE on the deal the first year — his cash savings at tax time well exceeding his TOTAL of first year payments.

And those first year cash savings mean the cost of that equipment is ‘discounted’ by as much as 35% — but you and your vendor are making your full profit based on 100% of the invoice amount.

So, is it a great selling tool to bring your deal to a close?

Of course! But it should be so much more. And that’s what this message is about. This is a tool that should bring you serious prospects. It’s not just a closing tool, it’s a prospecting tool.

Where is this going?

This marketing program comes from a two-term member of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Association of Lessors—a forerunner of the National Equipment Finance Association and a very active Best Practices and Master Member of the National Association of Equipment Lease Brokers (before moving to Associate Member). I’m also one of the most successful early-internet lease-marketing guys. That’s documented with a LONG history of two page-one listings in searches for “equipment leasing.”

I tell you this with authority:

If you don’t have a nifty little instant Section 179
calculator on your website, you are losing sales that you should close!

I’m not promising you top search engine rankings. That game has become a lot tougher. And while I offer SEO services, that’s not what this pitch is about.

It is about an under-utilized tool that you must be fluent about. And I’m gonna show you a tool that does that for you.

Here are two BIG QUESTIONS:

Do your website visitors stay?

Do they fill in your contact form?

A nicely designed and maintained Section 179 calculator will keep them with you, engaging with your calculator to see what it means to their business. It can turn those visitors into real prospects.

And you can even ‘gift’ a calculator page to you vendors!

It’s the gift that keeps on giving — to both your vendor and to you.

Take a look at the program options and get started now!  (← Note: Strong call to action.)

Here’s a Demo Page, showing some of the features of your Equipment Leasing Service private labeled calculator. Then, if you click on the image on that page, you can see a live working copy of the basic package.

If you just want to cut to the chase — I hate when you do that — here’s a link to the Feature and Price Comparison Chart.

AND THIS! Setup fee is waived for this introductory special!

And remember our guaranty:  Let us know within 30 days and I’ll return every penny you paid. (And, really, we are talking about virtual pennies.)

Questions? Call. We’ll talk.




How long am I obligated?

No obligation. No long-term contract. Stop any time. And this: If you want, you can just stop your recurring payments. No discussion necessary. But if you give us a 10-day notice, we’ll put up a nice page saying “Call Your Leasing Company at 888-555-5555 to learn of our special new programs.” Respect.

What will my banner look like?

You can submit your own artwork (specs will be provided) or ask us to lift it from your home page. Your choice.

What about maintenance and Tax Code Changes?

Everything is included. This will be a tool that works without requiring a minute of your time.